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Connecting on a personal level is an important part of sharing ideas. On this page we'll present some details about our organization and the people behind it.


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Pvt. Daryl J. Sharpe
US Army Reserve
800th MP Brigade
306th MP BN

For most of my life I've wanted to join the military. First I was a staunch believer in the Marine Corps and could see myself doing nothing else but that. Soon I realized my career goals could not meet with that of the Corps. So I enlisted with the Army instead just a day after I turned 17. At the time I was still a junior in high school and had only the option to go on reserve. I chose to be a 91-W (Combat Medic) for the 306th Military Police Battalion. I currently serve one weekend a month and a wait to go to college, hopefully at West Point Military Academy but competition is fierce. Aside from my duties as a Medic, I've always found the history of our nation interesting and pursue such an interest to this day. As a person who has gone through the system I've learned much and know a good deal of information concerning enlisting and the branches of the military.

People fear recruiters and the entire process. Many believe they will flat out lie and tell you the things you want to hear. Through my own personal experience I can say this is absolutely FALSE. Perhaps decades ago they could, but today's military is different. In fact a friend of mine who was becoming a cop was interested in joining the Military Police for the Army. I referred my friend to a local recruiter who specialized in the Reserves. He told my friend to NOT ENLIST until later after he becomes a cop (nearly 6 months later) because it could affect his police training and personal interest. By military law (Uniform Code of Military Justice), such flat out laws are illegal and are subject to punishment. Everything the recruiter told me involving what would happen and whatnot is absolutely true because I am indeed living it.

My personal plan with the Army is to go to West Point or if not that then the Citadel. After graduation I plan on going for Special Forces. After I serve for a few years I plan on going back to receive my medical degree if all goes accordingly. This is just my plan, and the military (not to mention hard work) will help me get to my goal. If you work it right the military could get you to where youre going, no matter what your goals are.

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